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The Great Gatsby —Instagram: @geishacielos
The Great Gatsby —Instagram: @geishacielos

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I recently finished the book on Saturday (06.01.13) and loved it. In a non-analytical type of way, but after finishing the book I watch CrashCourse: English Literature w/ John Green from the vlogbrothers in this episode of CrashCourse John was analyzing and summarizing "the Great Gatsby" which seems to be one of his favorite books of all time. And finishing watching that video along with part II and other random Gatsby talking videos... It just made me love the book so much more.
Some of the characters were unbearable and others were somewhat likeable or even likeable and even then the story it's self is/was very like able. The writing is just phenomenal! I could see myself reading the Great Gatsby more then once which is one of the reasons why I really liked it. I found myself very attached to Jay Gatsby or should I just call him James? (x 
I just really liked him as a character even though at times he could be very unreasonable, but in the end I really like him and would have definitely attended his funeral. 
Even after watching the latest film of the Great Gatsby I found myself re-reading parts of the book and even before watching the film I was rereading parts of the book something I don't normally do —that's saying something.
Overall liked / loved / you need to read the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
2013 Film Adaption
On Sunday (06.02.13) I watched the newest adaption of the Great Gatsby and loved it. Despite the fact that it had a 2013 going on 1922 feel to it and some of the scenes from the book to the movie were "over the top" and in some cases just plain funny... I still liked it. It was a very good movie. I especially loved the scenes that were more "down to earth" and overall I can actually see myself watching the movie again. Why not? (X